Since 2003 our team has invested in upwards of 60 ventures, with the sole target of adding value and generating increased returns for all parties.

"Finding the best person or the best organization to invest your money is one of the most important financial decisions you'll ever make." Our investment philosophy is guided by our search for the best organizations to invest in.


Our experienced Investment Specialists are constantly on the lookout for business operations that:

  • are well-run with a good business model, but that need funding and investment to scale up

  • fill market niches that are currently unfilled, or insufficiently filled

  • have a business model with potential – short-term profitability is secondary to longer-term potential

Long-term view – Good things come to those who wait. Our clients understand and believe in this philosophy, and this carries over to our investment goals. Long-term value gain is our goal.


Our clients have investments worldwide, ranging from Northern America, Europe, Asia as well as Africa. Partner investments are in industries as diverse as logistics, healthcare, e-commerce and basic as well as advanced infrastructure.





A Light Touch

Our partner businesses are allowed to develop and grow using the same business philosophies as before. We believe in using a light touch partnering approach – we want you to grow the same way as you always have.


Contact us if you think you have a business that we can work together on

We understand that our investment experience is limited – if you have a business or business idea that you think fulfils our investment criteria, or fills a market niche that we may be unaware of, we welcome you to Contact Us!


Our management team focuses on teamwork and collaboration with our valued partners, with the ultimate goal of providing added value to the partnership. We know that business is a complex animal, and we hire only the best, to deal with the best.

  • Michael Lin Managing Partner
  • Alexis Rain Investment Specialists
  • Steven McHill Investment Specialists
  • Paul Chen Investment Specialists
  • Anna Jones Investment Specialists
  • Jaime Walker Investment Specialists
  • Alex Chan Investment Specialists
  • Harry Fischer Investment Specialists
  • Luke Yap Investment Specialists
  • Samantha Cox Investment Specialists


To learn more, please visit us at: or visit our contact page for further information. CONTACT US